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Hi! by xMinotoneMaestro
Helloooooos everyone! I just finished this piece a few hours ago. Was pretty fun but in the end creeped me out.. /nervous laugh.

Anyway, OCs! Meet Tinker and Tamper.

These two Fennec Fox-based animatronics are known for their ability to sing 'happy birthday' to kids like no other, as well as being known for having advanced AI. So advanced, they are able to fix other things around the pizzaria! Or so it was like that during the glory days... They are very known for being close to children due to their child-like appearance as well as their child-like attitude.

However, they cannot fix themselves, as unfortunate as that may be. There was an incident that lead to these two being locked in a storage closet for a very long amount of time, and it was only recently they had managed to start sneaking out again... Though, that probably is not a good thing, considering they had grown a bit... stir-crazy over the years and fell into a state of disrepair. Which means poor mike may be getting a visit soon!

I had way too much fun making this, I'll be uploading 2 others with the actual serious camera effect.
Anyway it is now 1:51 AM and I best be getting some rest.
NOPE by xMinotoneMaestro
Only look if stuff like this doesn't phase you.   
Chaos (Bloody) by xMinotoneMaestro
Chaos (Bloody)
Hi Everyone! I know I haven't posted much in a while and this account has sort of been collecting dust and cobwebs, but rest assured, I am indeed alive! Just busy and preoccupied while still having unfinished art pieces!

However, this was one I was pretty determined to finish. This was an 'art trade' of sorts with a friend as we drew eachother's toons. I had a lot of fun doing this! The toon in question here is specifically Chaos, which was you can probably tell he surely isn't the best one to trust.

Anyway, given that it is roughly 3 am now and I probably need to sleep, I'll be ending this off here. Again, I am alive!! Just busy! u@

Im pretty sure Im getting old.

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 7, 2014, 3:06 PM
Yepyep, that oldness is setting in my friend.
I just realized that within 240 days I will officially be OLD.

This is both depressing and exciting.
But, Hey, it works 8D

I'm still around. I haven't died or anything. I've just been busy. And getting over artblock. 8c

I'll try posting here more often. Till then, guys.

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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hi there! My name is Jazz, and I'm just your average artist with a ton of free time. I am indeed female, as shown above right under my name. I can be pretty shy at first, but once you get to know me, it's all good. I am a very open and straight-forward individual. Yes, this means I am quite honest when I need to be.
I am currently a hobbyist that has a dream of making a career out of my passion some day.

I love my friends, and I remember my previous dream jobs being writer, veterinarian, or something along those lines! It's so strange, I was never REALLY into art before I got a tablet for my birthday, so I suppose that certainly helped!

I've been drawing for 7+ years now. However, I have only started drawing seriously since... well, 2009. When i started doing real digital art I suppose. Also, Yes, I drew with a mouse up until early January 2011, then I got a tablet. So, Tablets are not completely necessary for art, you know! You can make art with any materials you have available. Anyway, If you have any questions about me or want to talk for whatever reason, Shoot me a note! I'll be glad to chat. I don't bite! (...Sometimes... eue)


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